New Standards

A seamstress.

New Standards contributes to the efforts of multiple stakeholders seeking to improve global working conditions through a combination of research and direct engagement strategies.


Our approach reflects a new direction emphasizing the importance of measuring social and environmental performance when evaluating corporate accountability. These are the emerging new standards influencing the discourse among stakeholders in the global economy.


Research: Analysis and review of local language media; interviews with government and regulatory agencies Social Monitoring and Training: We design and conduct in-factory training and mentoring programs for management and workers. The process often includes a social audit. Programs are designed that best fit our clients’ interests and concerns, taking into account factories’ capabilities and limitations.


Working in twenty countries, linking with local civil society organizations, New Standards’ professionals bring global experience in social research, human development, and social compliance, working with both the private and public sectors. Our teams participated in many of the early social compliance initiatives which issued public reports of findings, and bring experience in thousands of factories to their recommendations.